About Me

About Me


Hi! My name is Amanda, I’m an air force brat and a preachers daughter. I’m an over caffeinated nurse who loves the Lord and is crazy passionate about personal wellness/health with an emphasis on fitness! I was born in South Carolina, lived in Delaware twice, Oklahoma, and currently reside in the Baltimore, Maryland area pursuing my career in nursing. I am passionate about life through Christ, moving your body, and my career as a nurse!

What you can expect from my blog:

  • Faith:I’m going to talk about Jesus and my faith! You may see posts strictly about my spiritual life or something I’m hearing from the Lord, or you may see posts in other topics, that stem from my relationship with Jesus! I try and pursue all things in my life (whether fitness, my career, etc.) in a way that glorifies him.


  • Health/Fitness: My original desire to start a blog came from my huge passion for exercising and being fit! You’ll see my philosophies on health and wellness and some workouts here and there, too!


  • Career: As mentioned above, I am a nurse. It is a HUGE part of who I am and has played a role in my faith and my view on health. I started out caring for adults and now work in a pediatric ICU and these babies and kids make my heart explode. I pray every day that God uses me in ways I may not even understand or see.

Please join me in reading about my love for Jesus, and how HIS grace for me inspires me to pursue him as my Lord and savior, to keep my body fit and ready for the race called LIFE, and to be the best nurse I can be!