Are you a resolutioner?

Are you a resolutioner?

Hello again after not blogging for 2 months. When I started this blog, as much as I wanted it to be successful, I told myself it was NOT going to be a requirement or a stresser for me. So when I didn’t want to write and I had nothing to say, I just, didn’t. Same with Instagram. Ya’ll, posting random things and pictures of myself when it’s not otherwise inspired just isn’t ME. Doesn’t mean I won’t do it from time to time. And I see the tatic for the those who run their business there (and are quite successful!).  But for now I’m just going to go with the flow. And try to find my thing. Something feels so so weird about posting on myself all the time. NOT saying anything is wrong with it for people who do it. And maybe you just become more comfortable and I’m not there yet. Maybe…We’ll see how this goes…and I’m going to try not to fall off the earth for two months…If anything, I always feel SO good after I write on here. So there’s that 😉

Is resolutioner a word?

And is it just me, or are the people of the health and fitness world becoming more anti resolution? With good intentions of course, because ‘you can make a change at any time of year’. This is true. HOWEVER. If you’re anything like me, it’s nice, mentally, to have a formal ‘start’. I think you can look back, reflect and change whenever you want. But if there’s some extra inspiration to do so around January and you want to make some changes, why NOT? It’s not really SHOULD or shouldn’t. But if you want to make a change, use this fresh calendar start! Also, reflecting in this post and going through pictures was just FUN. And reminded me just how blessed I am! Try it.


My 2017 Reflections

I’m feeling MUCH more comfortable in my job. I debated actually typing this because I feel like it lays the groundwork for DOOM next week. But point being, in January, one year ago, I was still on orientation and feeling SO uncomfortable. I loved babies and kids but they scared me and it just wasn’t what I knew. If you want to be challenged and humbled, move job specialties. OUCH. But…

I underwent a lot of growth. Both in knowledge and professionally as a nurse. And I still feel like there is SO much room to grow and learn in this ONE job. I love that. Keep me on my toes….(I say that but I’ll be freaking out the next time I have to take a test..LOL).

My move to Maryland allowed me to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and continue to strengthen the constants…


I spent the year with my high school best friend and her family as my neighbor. And I’ll forever be thankful for that year.

I also got to spend a LOT more time with some extended family…

I’m so so so happy about school. I’m glad I did it. I enjoyed being in school. I enjoy learning again and studying and becoming better. And I’m excited for the future career.

I love the city. I won’t go on about this (since I already have). But I still LOVE it. There is SO much life in the city and SO much opportunity to love people in the city. I’m grateful for this season and for the move I made in the last year.

I’m way more inspired about my fitness and way more relaxed. I know they contradict each other. But in the past I’ve been passionate about sweating and what it does for my body physically. Right now I’m excited I can run a certain distance or speed. I also know when I’m tired and do pilates for a few days and skip the HIIT sessions. I like that I can train for a goal but it’s not so rigid that I have to stick to a plan to a T. There’s definitely something to be said for the discipline and determination but I think I have enough of that in my professional life at the moment that I like the breath of fresh air on the fitness side. I love going through seasons of exercise!

I started this here blog….#workinprogress

I entered the mission world again with my favorite group of people.

2017, you were a good year!

2018 Intentions

So with my rant about how resolutions are AWESOME…I really haven’t thought of anything crazy . But here we go. A lot of these aren’t year specific, but goals I have all the time and the new year just reminds me of them 😉

DO A PULLUP. Ok topic change, but this has been my fitness goal for FOREVER. And I am TRYING. I’m adding back strengthening exercises and attempting to use the assisted pull-up machine 1-2x a week. This has zero significance I just WANT it. haha.

Get faster. This isn’t something high on the list, but with ‘training’ (just barely) for my half, it makes me want to be faster. I’d like to run a few 10 milers and 6 milers and work on speed. I find that more exciting than training for longer distance!

More weekend trips. I enjoyed my time exploring vineyards and the hiking. I don’t have any big trips planned but I’d like to do some relatively close weekend trips!

Reflect more. I’m not super into reading personal development books or anything of that sort, but I think I could use more reflection time. More time listening.  Making sure I’m leaving time to hear what God wants me to hear.

Gentleness. I don’t really know how to explain this. And I would say there are a lot of people who think I’m quiet or ‘gentle’ (and a lot who don’t…. ;). ). But in my relationship with Christ and my outward appearance towards others, I want to make sure I’m being a light that is both gentle and strong. Loving and kind. The gentleness aspect has just stood out to me recently. Gentleness with myself, and with others.

Savor and be present. I know people say this and it’s almost cliche, but I have that problem where I have all these big ‘future things’ and I fear I spend so much time thinking about them that life slips away. I know I don’t want my current job forever. I know I’m in school for that reason and I long for the Monday-Friday life one day! But I don’t want to spend my next four years of school waiting on that and the season it brings. Especially because, as hard as I think this job is, I know it has the sweetest moments that will only happen there in the PICU. I want to live in the now and see what God is showing me and using me for.

Connect. I want to continue to connect and invest time in Baltimore. I’ve met such awesome people here. I volunteered once with a group I’ve wanted to work with for a long time now and I want to be intentional (if this is what God wants) at making my presence there and building relationships with the people I’m working with. I also feel like you go through these years of college and then you’re beginning your career and life is so focused inward and for GOOD reasons. But I just feel like I need to be giving my time to other people. I’ve also felt really blessed to build the community I have at church and I just want to strengthen those relationships! I always think, this place is a season for me. And it probably is. But as the saying goes, bloom where you’re planted! And this is where I’m at right now!

Only God knows what 2018 has in store. I hope to increasingly grow with him and be a long for the journey.

Do you make New Years resolutions? If so, tell me what yours are!

If you have fitness goals, what are they? CAN YOU DO A PULL-UP?!

Sidenote: While I’m so on edge about this blogging thing…I am pumped to get back into reading my favorites! Maybe that will be some inspiration for me 🙂















5 thoughts on “Are you a resolutioner?

  1. Hey girl! I’m glad you’re back to blogging. I always enjoy your posts. I’m right there with you on wanting to do a pull up…they are so hard for me. One of my goals for 2018 is to be better about strength training. I know it’ll help my running and just make me healthier and more fit overall.

    1. Thanks Maureen! I enjoy yours too and I’m excited to be reading again! I feel like I’ve been working on them forever!! Strength training is a great goal and will definitely make you a better runner! Have you read Madeline’s blog? She writes a post about it!

  2. Welcome back Amanda! I have missed you. I am right there with you on the pull-up, it has been a goal of mine for forever. One of my 2018 goals is to focus more on meditation and my yoga practice. I always feel calmer/more grounded when I meditate regularly, but I am so bad about sticking to it. For yoga, I just want to be able to get confident in a couple of inversions/arm balances I feel I am thisclose to nailing.

    1. Thank you Emily! I’ve missed reading yours! I don’t know why the Pull-up is so hard! I’ve been thinking about yoga more and more
      Lately. I’m excited to see what you will do with that! I always admire seeing people so these intense inversions!

  3. Totally get needing to take breaks in blogging once in a while; the most important thing is it remains true to YOU and is a source of joy. 🙂 Love all your intentions and your past year sounds wonderful. I especially resonated with the fitness part because I felt this year that I was much more connected to my body and simultaneously more relaxed because I knew when I needed a break. Some of my intentions are being more present (taking time to be still and listen to my thoughts instead of always doing something distracting), taking more walks, aiming to sleep for at least 8 hours a night (so so hard for me but so important), and listening more instead of always just giving advice. 🙂

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