Anxiety and Thankfulness

Anxiety and Thankfulness

Warning: this is a word vomit post. AKA I just wrote it with zero filter and editing. I’ll try to have it make sense…

I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon with DREAD for this week. For a few reasons:

  1. Work Test Simulations. I have to go through mock code simulations to join my unit’s arrest team. I HATE simulations. Hate them. I’m not saying they aren’t useful or effective… 😉 But the level of anxiety I have leading up to them is unreal. I can’t wait for Monday to be OVER. (edit: it’s over and went fine. THANK THE LORD.).
  2. Overtime. on a holiday week. UGH.
  3. Night shift after being sick with the holiday. They just do not go well together.
  4. Papers on papers on papers.

All of these things bring me anxiety, fear and stress. And constantly in need for them to all be over.

So I opened up my bible this morning and….

Phillipians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything (ANYTHING) but in everything (EVERYTHING) by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. And the PEACE of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

BOOM. Sorry, for some reason I have to emphasize these things to myself…(also insert the verse that tells me to stop being a complainer…yikes…(Phil 4:11?).

I don’t have to be anxious. And this week is THANKSGIVING. So I’m writing this in a true, bloggy (yep, said it) effort to find gratefulness in my stress/anxiety/admitted-first-world-problems. They say writing down things you’re grateful for can turn your mood around so here we go..

  1. First off, I’m NOT in the hospital as a patient and I don’t have my family member in the hospital. So I’m pretty sure that’s way worse. I’m grateful for that, and I’m grateful I can help someone through that.
  2. I’m trying to find the good in this test simulation… 😉 I’ll be a stronger nurse after…..
  3. I’ll be happy about OT and working the holiday come payday. LOL.
  4. I’ve worked my butt off so I can be done with most of my papers before Thanksgiving anddddd I pretty much am! So I plan to relax after this week.
  5. Vacation. I took 12 hours next week so despite the fact that I cannot WAIT until this week is over, on Friday morning I’ll get off work and head home for a longgggg six day weekend. YES LORD. *praise hands*
  6. Home. I can’t wait to be in church and see family/friends I haven’t seen in a while!        


In general….

  1. My career and school. I’m just really thankful to be in a career where I can keep learning, snuggle the cute little babes and advance through school. And happy that I actually do like being in school. Shocker.    
  2. My faith. I’m growing. And so thankful for a savior.
  3. This season. I LOVE Baltimore and living in the city. I have found so much excitement, community and believe it or not, simplicity in this city. And I love it.
  4. Music. I’ve been a tad more diligent at practicing the piano again (I find respite from my work/school work but still feel productive 😉 ) and I’m loving it. Excited to bring back some Christmas music from home.

I’m not going to keep going because I’d be impressed if you even made it this far. Thanksgiving was a good reminder to me. Yeah, I cannotttttt wait for this week to be over. But I am BLESSED and I am saved and I have a good weekend ahead 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Where are you spending Thanksgiving? I’ll be at home in Delaware!
2. Favorite Thanksgiving side dish or dessert? Mac n’ cheese for muah even though that’s an all year round’ dish 😉
3. Name something you’re thankful for!


3 thoughts on “Anxiety and Thankfulness

  1. I’m glad the work simulation went well! Ways to go and being done with majority of the papers!
    This year for Thanksgiving, I’m staying in New Jersey and celebrating with my boyfriends family which should be fun. I’m thankful for a new job that I actually enjoy!

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