Half marathon training plan+current routine+goals

Half marathon training plan+current routine+goals

*Edit: So I kind of laughed yesterday when I went to edit this post because I had been typing it up for a week or so, and was SO pumped to dive into my workouts after my rest week. I woke up Monday morning to a phone call offering to be on-call at work. Obviously I said yes. And then realized I felt terrible. A blessing in disguise (Matthew 11:28), for sure. But getting a hard sweat in was NOT in the books. However, proceeding forward (to whenever I kick this little sickness aside)….

So I kind of thought I was going to die on a 3 mile run the other day and realized I may actually have to start taking this half marathon thing a tad more seriously if I want it to be semi-enjoyable! LOL.

I still feel like it’s a taaadddd early to be full out training, simply because I’m not going for time and I love my strength routines!

So here’s my plan right now.

Current Half Marathon Training Plan:

Continue to lift at least 3-4 days a week. Try to add a 3-4 mile run in on upper body or full body days (where I only lift about 20 minutes).

so this week for example:

Monday: Upper body strength (at home) + HIIT

Tuesday: Legs (I usually plan this a day I’m not working so I can be at the gym!)

Wednesday: Upper body strength (at home)+core

Thursday: REST

Friday: Power day?

Saturday: Longer run

Sunday: strength+short run. 

Once a week get a long-ish run in. I’m kind of testing the waters right now. I ran 6 miles the other day SUPER SLOW. So slow that the first 3 miles I thought I was going to lose it (mentally). I felt ‘ok’ during it, and had time allowed, at that pace I think I could have gone for 7. I think the 3 miles killed me because I may have thought I was my college running self when I set the treadmill speed 😉 So now that my ego is put away….

This week I’m going to try for a longer-ish run of 7-8 miles and see how I feel. I’ll base my longer run the following week on that. I’ll report back next week if that sort of mileage is even possible! haha. I want to use the next few weeks to run at least twice a week and figure out what my ‘baseline’ is (getting a tad nursey on here 😉 ).  That way I can judge how much I need to kill myself to train for this.

Another thing I’m doing? A power day. I’m gonna call this a strength+cardio workout. I often will incorporate burpees or some sort of plyo in between strength moves but this will be a tad more intense. You can see an example of one I posted on Instagram here. I’m doing this because I find them to be a lot of fun, but I think more than one would actually just wear me out right now.  I also think it’s a good way to add some miles without going overboard just yet. I am not ready physically or mentally to be running 4-6 days/week right now!

Holiday Training Goals:

1 power day/week

1 longer run/week

1 shorter run/week

3 strength days/week

Strength days that can be combined with short run/include the power day to allow for flexibility with needing more rest days…The holiday’s are coming up and while I want to keep sweating, I plan to enjoy those too. I’ll be going home a lot and want to soak up alllllll the time and the cookies, rest. Actually, yeah, cookies (run fuel?!).

After Christmas I’ll be looking into a few plans. So far I’m curious about Hal Higdon’s and Katies Fit Script’s (simply because I’ve been following her blog for AGES and she’s a running and lifting beast!).

We’ll see how this goes!

What are your current fitness goals?




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    1. It’s in March! I’m not sure why I chose to train in the cold! haha. What kind of routined o you want to do? A few weeks off routine always makes me want to get back on!

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