What I gain from a deload week.

What I gain from a deload week.


I do a lot of strength training now. And I feel like I always see the #gainz or ya know, #gains on Instagram. People are talking about the muscle. The increased speed. What they gain from a workout. Actually I love that because for too long it was all about what we could lose

However ‘gains’ can become obsessions way too quickly. And can be just as bad as loosing. So looking at the opposite side of things today….


What I gained from my deload (aka rest) week.

  1. The ever obvious physical rest. And man. I soaked it in. The last time I took a rest week from exercise, I got a little antsy. This time around though? I like, forgot about working out. I didn’t crave it. I enjoyed slow mornings, getting work done, seeing my family and not being sore 24/7. That tells me my body was ready for it. I also worked two night shifts and went right into a day shift yesterday so the timing was good.
  2. Mental refocus. I feeeeeel like I have a fairly good grasp on things right now. But I cannot say my life isn’t busy with full time work and school and trying to be involved in ALL THE THINGS (still amazed that there are MOMS who do this and more…). My rest week a) gives me more time for those things and b) reminds me I shouldn’t be busy all the time. It’s also a mental challenge for me. While I didn’t necessarily ‘crave’ the workouts, workouts are engrained in my daily life. So undoubtably I thought about them, especially as I scrolled through people’s instagrams and Monday morning sweats. And it is SO EASY to get crazed about my workouts. It’s not necessarily bad! They excite me! And doing November project and running a recent race kind of brought the competitiveness back out of me (I’ve been out of team sports for too long… 😉 ..) But rest weeks help me to prioritize. Remember that my relationship with Jesus is the MOST important, and not training for a half marathon or looking the best…OH and that sleep thing…
  3. Spiritual refocus. Since I just mentioned it and all….Honestly lately I’ve felt SO distracted and ‘dry’ in my quiet time. I thought it was because I’ve been reading Old Testament forever and ever now and that is just….hard. But I felt god nudging me to say I can just sit. and breathe. and listen. and be. And that again, my time with him is more important than any workout I fit in.        
  4. Time. YA’LL. I gained at least 4-5 extra hours to my week that were either dedicated to sleeping, seeing my family, holding my sweet baby nephew, chasing the older one, or doing homework and feeling accomplished. Can’t complain about that!     
  5. Motivation. As many will say, after a rest week you just feel SO READY to be back in it! I slept like a BABY on Sunday night. Felt like an energizer bunny all day at work Monday and tomorrow I’m off work and I’m PUMPED to do leg day or run or whatever the heck I’m feeling when I wake up.

I’ve asked before….but do you ever take a rest week?

Anyone training for a race soon? SEND ME YOUR TIPS!

How was your weekend?



10 thoughts on “What I gain from a deload week.

  1. A rest week is an awesome idea! I recently took one and it seriously helps. It’s so nice to just take a break plus it’s not like your fitness just goes away after a week. I think you’ll find your workouts are better after a break, at least that’s how I felt 🙂

    1. I think it does WONDERS for your body in regards to inflammation/cortisol levels. I’m hoping so! Excited to get back in it today!

  2. Such a great point! In the past, when I’ve felt the need to take a week off, it was always such an awesome decision. I had so much extra time that I filled with other methods of self-care, or extra sleep, or just lounging around. By the end of the week, I was ready to jump back into it!

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