Orangetheory + a Workout

Orangetheory + a Workout

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Did everyone have a good Monday/weekend?

I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky in having weekends off, so I’m mentally preparing myself to work the night shifts this weekend. Yikes. Last weekend I hung out with a friend and stared at my paper drafts for school all day Sunday and Monday. Blackboard was shut down all morning Monday so that was fantastic :D.

However, I did start my Monday off on a positive note by attending Orangetheory which just opened up in Harbor East, Baltimore! I have read about Orangetheory SO much from other bloggers over the years, but I have never lived in an area that had it! I’m always envious when I read Emily’s blog and her Saturday’s at Orangetheory!

Orangetheory claims they are the “Best one hour workout in the country”.  They go by heart rate based interval training. Yesterday I attended the ‘trial’ class and the staff was great! When I arrived they gave me an intro to the class and a HR monitor that goes around your rib cage.  During the workout you can see what ‘zone’ your HR is with the goal of being in the ‘orange’ (84% of your max HR and above) zone for at least 12 minutes of the workout to create the ultimate afterburn.  I definitely had some sort of afterburn because EATALLTHETHINGS was my motto for Monday….

Click here for more information on their workout science and the FAQ’s behind their workout!

My Experience

Unfortunately (but fortunately), I took zero pictures because workouts at 0615 am don’t pan well for good pictures 😉 But my overall reaction? It’s awesome! I LOVE workouts like these. This workout was called a “power workout” that was divided into 4 quarters; two of which are spent on the ‘floor’ doing strength exercises guided by an instructor and two that are spend on the treadmill. I warmed up with a rower, started my first quarter with strength and alternated, finishing with the treadmill.

I think workouts like this are strong and effective for building lean muscle because you still incorporate strength, but keep your HR the entire time! It’s definitely a workout that leaves you with post endorphins. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing it daily.  That just sounds exhausting!

What did I take from it?

As much as I’d love to have an OT membership, I feel like right now, with my current goals, I can incorporate these ideas into my own training! The downside of that is obviously not having the group setting and the awesome coaches that take you through the workout. If I’m 100% honest, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.  But I don’t doubt the effectiveness of a trainer! When he said “can you add 0.1-0.2 to your ‘all out’ speed? I did. I increased. I probably wouldn’t have done that without having been challenged! haha.

So here is an Orangetheory inspired workout. To be clear, I am NOT a personal trainer and definitely cannot replicate all the things that Orangetheory does! Nor do I claim that this workout does. I just really loved the idea of using strength and HIIT together in one workout, and wanted to create a workout that I could do by myself 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a personal trainer. This is just a workout I’ve done and enjoyed, and I encourage you to seek a medical professional (your MD) before beginning this or any exercise regimen.



Complete the suggested 5 rounds of circuit 1, move on and do 5 suggested rounds of circuit 2. Then start over for one more round of both circuits! To decrease intensity, only do 2-4 rounds within 1 circuit before moving on to the next circuit.  You can also walk, use a row machine or an elliptical!

I used to train like this a LOT. I don’t recommend doing this type of training every day. Just based on personal experience, it can wear you out!

In other news….I signed up for an actual half marathon! The DC Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon and will be fundraising for St. Jude’s! I’m so excited! As well as terrified. The last time I logged over 6 miles was probably 2012….I have some work to do. 😉


I plan to take a rest weeeeeeek (or long 4 day weekend) this week or next. My body has been so sore. And I want to fall asleep at 6 pm. SO. Taking that as a wake up call (or a go to sleep call? was that lame?).  Hope everyone has a great week!

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Have you ever run a half marathon? Any recommendations for training? I’m big into strength training right now and don’t want to give that up! I also don’t want to spend 14 hours in the gym SO. Lemmme know you distance runners!

Any DC people running in March?

Do you ever take a rest/deload week? I’ll probably still wake up and do yoga or going walking because I get antsy if I don’t! 

Have you been to Orangetheory? 

10 thoughts on “Orangetheory + a Workout

  1. Orangetheory is one workout I’ve been dying to try! I’ve been holding off since I have a big feeling I would love it and just can’t make the membership work in my life at this point.

    I’m running a half in New Jersey in April! One thing that has been really important for me since I started running back in June, is to keep your days as consistent as possible. It helps make the schedule easier.

  2. I’ve been wanting to take an Orangetheory class but we don’t have them here. I have heard they are pricey. So much fitness can be done at home or through online programs, it is hard to pay too much at stuff like that for myself.

    1. They definitely are pricey. Taking the free class was almost a tease….because I obviously would love to keep going. But since my gym is free I just can’t do it! haha. Totally agree!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I am glad you enjoyed your Orangetheory class. That is awesome that you signed up for a half marathon, I can’t wait to hear about training! Also, I am definitely trying out that workout later to burn off some of the candy I plan to be eating today. Have a good one!

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