A long weekend and…a half marathon?

A long weekend and…a half marathon?

Edit: That awkward moment when you realize over 24 hours later that your post never posted. After staying up finishing the night before working at the hospital. COOL. 


Hi hello howdyyyyy.


I write this post with a grateful (and stressed) heart! I think half of grad school is learning to structure your time. Especially when you work bizarre nurse schedules….*eye roll emoji*. Anyway, I didn’t seem to have any issues ignoring my homework this weekend which lead to 12 hours of straight paper writing yesterday (Monday). Awesome.

I had a great weekend though, so I figured I’d recap in photo dump style! With my awesome iPhone pics FTW.

I was off Friday-Monday after taking 12 hours of PTO last week. My new favorite thing is taking a random day off every so many weeks. I originally added a few of these around what I could foresee as busy times in the semester/holidays.  And I’m loving it!


Friday I keeped BUSY. I knew this weekend would be fairly busy social wise, so Friday was all about homework and race prep and getting my sink fixed 😉 The weather was GORGEOUS though and between walking to the gym and the race expo to get my shirts for Saturday’s 5k, I got some good vitamin D in! We could only get someone to fix the sink on Friday evening (how convenient…) so this forced me to do work so I could relax this weekend!


Saturday started at 5:30 am so I could get in a cup of coffee and some scripture and be at our race tent around 6:45! I ran the 5k in the Baltimore Running Festival! I’ve run a zillion and five 5k’s, but I’ve never run in such a large running festival! And it was awesome! So much so I may have just purchased running shoes and have plans to sign up on Saturday for a spring half! Bucket list time!

The rest of the day was spent hanging with a friend!


Sunday was perfect…a slow morning, church, apple picking/crafts with a friend and a wine night with the girls from my small group.

This truck had a cannon on the back that shot off pumpkins! Actually extremely entertaining!
I started painting this mason jar!

I’ve got to get better at documenting these things…#newbloggerprobs

Yesterday I trained legs and did not leave my computer afterwards. Balance….I guess! Still figuring this part time school thing out. But a good weekend nonetheless.


Tell me:

What did you do this weekend?

If you’re a wine drinker, what kind of wine do you like? I’m super picky and pretty much a cab sav kind of girl, but just tried a dry rose that I LOVED. 

Anyone on the east coast: What half marathon should I do?! Any recommendations? Be kind. This girl is from Delaware and doesn’t know what hills are….

Have you run a half?



17 thoughts on “A long weekend and…a half marathon?

  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! Finding balance with school and work is so hard! I am a wine drinker, but know very little about them. All I know is I generally prefer reds, and I don’t like them to sweet. Hope you have a great day!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! I’m actually going to run the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon on Sunday April 8th. You should join! It’s pretty flat with a few small hills (you go over a busy road so that’s an incline). It’s in New Brunswick, New Jersey if you are interested 🙂

    1. That is awesome!! I may look at this! To be honest, I really should have looked at the course of the half I did sign up for because I do not do well with hills! haha. I will keep you updated!! That’s not far from me!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I’m terrible about documenting stuff too but I’m getting better…
    Great job with a half! I can’t even imagine running one right now :/
    I’ve run a few over the years and every time I finish I say I’m never doing another one!

    1. I’m terrified to run it! But hoping for the best! I would never do a full marathon, but I’m hoping a half isn’t too terrible!

  4. I have run a half! 1976 or ’77, Newark, NJ. I was one of a kajillion runners, but had the most amazing 3/4 miles or so, running alongside the legendary George “Doc” Sheehan. (He wrote the book “Running and Being”). We chatted for a few minutes; I remember thinking he was a nice old guy, nice of him to talk to a young runner, but I figured I needed to get moving.
    Then he said “See you later” and was gone. Later I found out he ran a 4:47 mile at age 50. He was something!

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