Health and Fitness Confessions

Health and Fitness Confessions

  1. I have a shoe problem. And when I say that, I consider myself a fairllllly frugal human being so I actually have control over the spending part. But take me into Nike/UA/Dicks and I’m drooling over nike metcons. And I’ve been thinking about them for a long long long time. BUT I do not have them because #discipline. But maybe soon because #treatyoself.
  2. In addition to shoes….I have a sock ADDICTION. Like both fitness and stupid socks. I have a ridiculous, absurd amount of Nike socks. And UA socks. And really obnoxious Christmas socks. THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY. If you’re a nurse, or medical personnel that wears scrubs, have you noticed that even if your pants are so long, its hard not do have high waters? Anyway I used to think this was a way to jazz up my nursing uniform. If I’m going to be showing my socks they should be fun right? And I guess because socks aren’t $80-$150 I tend to actually buy them. I wonder how many shoes I could have purchased if I just said no to the socks with sparkly tassels on them (yep).

    Ok, so maybe not socks I’d work out in, but these were more fun 😉
  3. I eat dark chocolate. DAILY. Probably way too much. But they’re healthy fats right? I have to end every meal with something sweet!                                              
  4. I love love love box jumps. They are my favorite move. I can do them now with my new gym and I’m SO excited. I find them exhilarating!
  5. I do not count macros. Or anything. I follow general ‘guidelines’ in my head. Like, I’m more active on leg day sooooo let me just eat some waffles for dinner because large muscles need carbs. And I think it’s totally fine if you do (in a healthy manner, of course). But I have zero desire to use that much of my brain power thinking about food.
  6. I also love salads! I don’t eat bad salads. I want to do a post on this because I get comments on them all the time and it’s hilarious because cooking is not my jam but I think I make some pretty good salads! I’ll take a large salad over a green smoothie any day to get the veg in. You CAN make them enjoyable!                                          
  7. I follow the “take a rest week every 6-12 weeks’ method. Like a PLANNED rest week. I find my body usually NEEDS one by 10 weeks. Sometimes not. Lately I’ve been taking at least 2-3 rest days every other week. While some weeks I can workout 6x/week. I’ve noticed when I take more rest days the weeks I have more work days, my body just feels better. I used to be someone who would ‘fight through’ and ‘#noexcuses’ but that can be a load of bologna when taken too far and your body needs rest!
  8. I lOVE RUNNING. But only when I want to. I’ll hate it one week and love it a month later. I’ve also learned I love city running. It keeps you SO distracted the entire time. 30 minutes flies by!                                                                                           
  9. I canNOT workout in leggings. Seriously don’t know how people do it. DO YOU SWEAT?!
  10. So I now walk to the gym (as of a week ago), but before, I was that person who would still try to park really close to the door. Despite the fact that the whole idea is to be active. What can I say? #Lazy.

What are some of your health/fitness confessions? Any sock lovers out there?

Do you take rest weeks?


10 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Confessions

  1. I don’t ever take rest weeks but I will take rest days like most people do! One fitness confession of mine is that I’m so bad at getting into a routine! Once I’m in it then I’m good with it but getting into it is hard. Example – I’ve been saying I’m going to work on strength training on days I don’t run and that has happened twice.

    1. Maureen, getting into a routine is HARD. I think that’s why I follow Lauren Gleisberg workouts so much, because she holds 5-8 week challenges which is enough time not to get too frustrated but to stay motivated! But its definitely hard to mix strength and running without overdoing it!

  2. Totally with you on the shoe addiction! If I know a store I like is having a shoe sale I have to avoid them because I will totally use it being “a sale” as an excuse to buy multiple pairs of shoes. I would love any running tips you want to throw my way. I will occasionally get in a groove and feel amazing running, so I feel like there is potential for me there. But most of my running time I spend asking myself why. Hope you have a great day!

    1. haha. It’s funny what we use for excuses! Now that I’ve moved I’m saving $70/month in parking fees (because I can walk) and I thought hmmmmm that sounds like a pair of shoes! HAH. I will think of some!! Running is definitely not always pleasant!!

  3. I can’t exercise inside wearing leggings. I can only wear them outside if I’m running! I sweat wayyyy too much!
    Box jumps are so fun!
    And dark chocolate is totally good for you 😉
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Same!!! I guess I do wear them if I’m outside in the cold, but I avoid cold at all costs! 😉 haha that’s what I keep telling myself! Thank you!! You too 🙂

    1. I find they help me between big workout plans! But I’m usually pretty antsy to get back into it after! Sundays are the best day for rest days! I usually do that too if I’m off. If I work several days in a row I take 1-2 on those days!

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