A day in the life: A day off +moving+grad school

A day in the life: A day off +moving+grad school

Hello friends! Someone recently recommended “A Day in the Life” post. This felt kind of ridiculous because I do not by any means lead an exciting life. However, like other things, this  is just one of those things I love reading on others blogs! And I figure getting to know someone a little better is always kind of fun.

So for a little background, I’m a nurse in a pediatric ICU. So I work three, twelve hour shifts a week. I know this sounds glorious to many people, but never look at a nurse and say ‘you only work 3 days a week?!”; you may get your head bitten off. 😉 With that said, I DO still get some stretches of days off and for that I am grateful! But because I work this sort of schedule, my schedule is different weekly. Some weeks I work Mon/Tues/Wed day shifts and one week I work a Monday night, a Wednesday day and a Saturday day.

So some days off I’m literally VEGGING on the couch with limited brain function (#nightshift). Other days, I’m super busy!

This post may include affiliate links. See disclosure here.  So this is my day from yesterday, Monday, 9/11/17.

Before I begin, I want to recognize all of the people who suffered and still suffer today from losses on 9/11. We will never forget. Also, keeping Florida and Texas in my prayers, especially after this storm passes through and people have to start over.


7 am: Alarm goes off. Some days when I’m off, I don’t set an alarm, I was pretty stinkin’ tired Sunday night but was passing out around 10 pm so I knew I’d be ok waking up by 7. I also don’t usually sleep much later than 7:30 anyway…I had set an alarm for 6:30 but I opted for that extra 30 min 😉

7:05: Set up coffee, brush teeth, make coffee, scroll the internet. (Email, Insta, fb). Trying to get better at going straight to scripture because if I start looking at these things I get super distracted and want to get started with other things.

7:30: Clearly got a tad distracted, but sitting down now for my quiet time and coffee. I used to hop right out of bed and go to the gym.  My body likes the gym much better after 30 minutes of quiet time and caffeine :). I also eat my breakfast. I plan to do leg day today and like to eat beforehand! Overnight oats it is. Right out of the container.

8:00: School work. I’m leading a discussion this week for one of my courses and the module doesn’t open until Monday mornings, so I’m reading and trying to get ahead of everyone on the discussion! I also saw this little guy for a few minutes after hearing him outside my window!

A picture from a couple weeks ago 🙂

9:30: Gym time! I did a workout from Nathalie’s Instagram! Her workouts always kill me!


My face says it all. 

10:15: Head back to my apartment, start updating this post and reading other blog posts! I love a workout that gets me warmed up, kills me, and gets me back in my apartment in under 45 minutes! 

10:45: Shower

11:00: Eat! SO this is bad. But I pretty much ate oats/yogurt again. whoops. Sorry not sorry. Often on leg days, when I eat earlier (6:30-7) and workout, I need a bigger meal after, so I like to have my lunch when I’m done, but I’ll eat it in two parts. I’ve tried just eating a high protein bar and I feel like I’m catching up and starving the rest of the day. So I ate a HUGE bowl of oats topped with granola (hello carbs on leg day!). Usually I’d add protein powder post workout but I’m literally running out of food (on purpose so I don’t have to move it! lol). so I’m overeating yogurt. Again. I love it so I’m not mad. Later (maybe 1 pm) I’ll eat the veggie portion of my lunch and have a big salad or something! I figure my body absorbs all the carbs and protein better right after a workout so I save the veggies/fats for later!

11:15-1:30 pm: I steadily packed and moved things to my car. I have a method down to pack a few things, maybe do some school work, take a load down. So I’m not having to go up and down the stairs! haha. Also throwing random loads of laundry in. 1:30 pm-1:40 pm: Lunch part two: Quick salad with spinach/cabbage/pepitas/tortillas strips and toasted sesame dressing! It was NOT pretty so no pic. Also had some of these pumpkin spice almonds, a cheese stick, and a square of dark chocolate!

1:40-2:15 pm: 30 more minutes of packing. Clearly this is NOT what my day to day looks like. *eye roll emoji*

2:15-5 pm: Eat this bar because I was still hungry and head over to Starbucks next to my apartment. I needed to work on school work and could not focus in the chaos that is my apartment right now. At 5 pm my brain is FRIED so I’m taking a break.

Iced Flat white FTW. I rarely buy this drink because a tall is almost $5!!! What the! Courtesy of a gift card 😉 . 

5pm-6pm: I basically made dinner sat on the couch, and read over my post a zillion more times before posting it (for school).


Fried eggs with roasted broccoli/cauliflower, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese. There’s a reason I don’t only post food!

6 pm: Went on a quick walk! I wanted to make sure I spent some time outside while the weather is so nice!

Still in denial, is beach season over? 

7pm-9:30: More school work. Then I wrapped up this post and got in bed for some reading and netflixing. Don’t be fooled, I don’t spend every day off this busy with anti-social never ending to-do’s. But I feel pretty prepared as far as the week goes with school! Not a bad Monday! However, it may have not been my most exciting day to pick for a day in the life ;). But I enjoy reading other people’s regular day in the life posts!

What did you do on Monday? Any fun plans this weekend? What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

17 thoughts on “A day in the life: A day off +moving+grad school

    1. Hahah I’m not even totally into the pumpkin stuff either (yet) . I just went shopping after work at 8 pm without having eaten dinner and that resulted!

  1. My favorite Strabucks drink is probably chai tea latte that I’ll get hot or iced depending on the season. I don’t get it that much since it does have a good amount of sugar but every once in a while as a nice treat! Packing and moving is honestly the worst. I like how you do some school work, pack, bring stuff down to the car then repeat to break it up a bit.

  2. I love this post idea! And OMG I need those pumpkin spice almonds, I’ve never seen them before but now I will be on the hunt.

    My fav Starbucks drink (that I get every morning) is a simple grande Blonde roast with a splash of almond milk.

  3. I love reading about how other people spend their time, too! Maybe that’s weird? I don’t know…but I do. Looks like a great day–I love ones where you feel like you can take things in stride and go at your own pace. Glad you got in a good workout and some yummy Fall treats!

  4. Love this post! That fall leaf is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the mountains when all the leaves change.
    I can’t really do starbucks drinks because of their sweetness but I love their cold brew iced coffee! It’s so strong 🙂
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Same!!! I’m hoping to make my way back to Charlottesville this fall 🙂 you should try the flat white! It’s not a sweet drink unless you ask for flavors! It’s just milk+espresso. I actually prefer it to a latte because it’s made to taste more like espresso than milk. (Hello, coffee nerd!). Have a great day, Erinn!

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