August lessons and September goals!

August lessons and September goals!

New month, new reflections and new goals! Just, ya know, 8 days into the month. But hey, never a bad time to reflect, no?


August goals: review

My August goals, in summary, were to pray more, to reflect, sit down and write goals, get organized, blog research, and running. 

1.Prayer: Still working on prayer. It’s easy to cry out to Jesus when you need something. I’m constantly working on being more intentional and quiet. 

2.Blog research: I did do a lot of this! And I’m LOVING blogging. But also recognizing that I’m in grad school, working full time and moving right now and that I will take blogging in stride and see where it takes me ;).

3.Reflect, sit down and write goals: Yeah. If we were in a pass/fail I’d get a big fat fail. HAH. Moving on…<script async

4.Get organized: As far as school goes. I do feel pretty organized. But overall, naturally, my stuff is in two different places and it feels like everything is messy which drives me up the wall. Deep breaths and it will all be unpacked soon ;).

5.Running: I’ve done well with this! Under my own standards. I’m only running when I WANT to. Which, in all honesty is usually about 1-2x a week + some sprints added into strength workouts. But guys I was SO EXCITED the other day when I ran a 5k WAY FASTER than I ever did in high school when I solely trained for 5k’s. Just goes to show the benefits of other exercise….and muscle memory 🙂
August Lessons:

1. We’ve talked a lot about pride/humility in bible study. I confessed a situation where I felt pride. But even in deeper reflection, I can remember feeling prideful, and then feeling WAY humbled. And then feeling pretty down on myself. And I’ve kind of seen things come full circle in this situation. In a GOOD way. And I guess what I’m saying, to clarify my super-vagueness, is that you can TRUST JESUS. Like, I was way worried about one thing, and God just carried me through the way he wanted. He is GOOD.

2. I really can’t think of anything right now. Clearly need to work on #3 above….I know I have things to learn! HAH.



  1. Meal prep. I want to be better at this. And not necessarily to have ‘healthy options’. I’ve not always been in a season where I felt the need to meal prep. But right now, I think it would really save me some stress when I’m working AND help me to eat all the food I buy! I do a fairly good job, but sometimes that’s just hard. This month, since I’m moving, I’ve been on a cabinet rampage. So I’ve been eating all that canned stuff you think you need when you make your first grocery hall in a new place (endless cans of tuna, beans, salmon), as well as a lottttt of rice. I’ve barely needed groceries….Funny how that works out.
  2. Running is staying a goal for this month. And maybe some time goals. I still refuse to run if I don’t want to. But I’m just excited above my faster-than-expected 5k the other day so now I want to be a bit faster…
  3. EAT ALL THE THINGS in my cabinet. This move has inspired me to be more specific about what I’m buying. To be less wasteful and intentional about my purchases.
  4. Financial goals: I won’t be too specific, but moving is giving me some financial freedom (YASSS Lord) and I have some big goals here when it comes to paying down debt! If you never taken the Dave Ramsey course and have debt to pay off, DO IT. Best thing ever. On that note, student loans suck.

That’s all for now! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!

Any goals for this month?


12 thoughts on “August lessons and September goals!

    1. Haha, they’re kind of minor goals, but I’ve noticed I’ve been better about my spending this Way! Making my way towards being a minimalist! Haha

  1. I’m with you on the blog research – I still feel like there’s so much to learn! And a lot of it is so confusing :/
    Student loans are the worst! I’ve been paying mine for about 5 years now and I hate making that payment every month…it’s like a regular bill now but still it’s not fun knowing how long it’s going to take to pay off 🙁
    Enjoy your day!

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