A Random Week of Workouts

A Random Week of Workouts

Hey everyone!

How’s the week going?

I feel like the month of September is SO all over the place for me. My work schedule is…weird due to 18 switches I made (not really) to accommodate for school. I started school and I’m trying to navigate that. I felt 92 years old trying to remember how to post something to a discussion board for blackboard. And it took me a solid 15 minutes to figure it out. Not. kidding. In my defense, I really never used it much in undergrad. I also move in two weeks (ish). What?! So I have like, a good chunk of my belongings in my car. Things are all over the place. BUT IT’S FINE. I don’t want to rush September but I’m also like, is it October yet?! (She says on September 1st…).

Anyway….As I mentioned previously, I wanted to do a free week of whatever I wanted in the gym (or out of the gym) to see what I want to do! Or to just have a break from structure. I think that has physical and mental benefits. I LOVE routine. Almost too much. So shaking things up challenges me that way too 😉 I tell myself this when I have to work night shifts….

I love seeing what others have done in a week of workouts, so I thought I’d share! I didn’t do anything too ‘random’ to change things up. But I’m debating doing a youtube workout video to end the week. Either something from Popsugar or pilates or something different. I used to be SO into working out from home so we’ll see!


My week of workouts:

(what I’ve done so far and what I’m planning to do…)

Monday: 40 minute run trot plus 15 minutes of upper body strength training. It was 57 (!!!) degrees when I woke up so I just jogged at my own comfortable little (turtle-like) pace and lifted some weights afterwards! Nothing fancy.

Tuesday: Legs: I made something up on the fly and it actually killed me so I’m sharing this next week 🙂 I did 3 circuits made up of 2 weighted movements and a cardio movement to end the circuit.

Wednesday: Impromptu rest day! I had full intentions of getting up and doing just a quickie HIIT (15-20m) before work. I actually love working out on days I work where I’m not back to back work days. But I slept terribly Tuesday and Wednesday night and my body was like NO. I had small group after and to be honest, it’s a rarity for me to gather any sort of energy to exercise after work.

Thursday: Core/Cardio circuit + Finisher: I’ve been doing Lauren’s plans for so long it’s hard for me to get out of that groove. So in my head I thought I worked most upper body (bi/tri/shoulders) on Monday, legs Tuesday, so I wanted to do some back/core this day. (Check out my Instagram for the finisher I did!)

Friday: Today I plan (this post will go up at 5 am 😉 ) to do some LISS training. It’s either going to be a walk/run.

Saturday: Planned rest day. I work this day and I don’t see myself getting up at 4 am on a Saturday to work out…

Sunday: I want to do either a quick HIIT or a full body weighted circuit OR something from YouTube. All things I haven’t done much of in my last few programs outside of 10 minute sprint finishers. And following Kirsty Godso on Instagram has given me tons of HIIT inspiration! I love body weight HIITs (burpees/tuck jumps/box jumps/mountain climbers). THESE are workouts I actually find a lot of fun! This is still a few days a way…so I’ll wake up Sunday and see what feels best!

Things I noticed:

  1. I was CRAVING some cardio. I wanted to add ‘cardio moves’ into my lifts (fast feet/box jumps/burpees/etc.). I also WANTED to run Monday. Love that. Love this weather!
  2. Outside of days I’m running, I usually didn’t want to be in the gym longer than 40 minutes! Actually, most of my strength workouts were about 35. I feel like if I’m dying at 35 minutes that’s a sign of a good workout, right? And my mind is like ‘on to the next thing now…’.
  3. Still loving the strength training! Even though this was my week to do whatever, and I kind of thought I would venture out and do some random stuff, I still wanted to! I used to do zero (and I mean zilch) strength training. Just ran. All the time. Every day.
  4. I want to keep this up, for now! Maybe a few weeks. And then back to the LG plan? We’ll see. 😉

Happy Friday, everyone!

Do you plan all of your workouts beforehand?

Have you done any new workouts lately? Are you more of a cardio junkie or love to strength train? 

11 thoughts on “A Random Week of Workouts

  1. My runs are planned beforehand since my coach does all of that but the other workouts I plan! I’m still working on adding bodyweight exercises into my routine but I like to plan them out Monday morning for the week so I feel like I have to do it.

    I love Julie from PBFingers 21-15-9 workout! It seems easy but I’m always sore from it.

    1. That’s a good way to do it! I love having other people plan my workouts most of the time so I don’t have to put much thought into it! Haha. Love Julie’s workouts!!!

  2. I love cardio! I used to call myself the cardio queen because that’s all I would ever do!
    Now I try to incorporate some strength training every so often.
    Good for you for taking that rest day after not sleeping well 🙂
    What’s the LG plan?!

    1. I used to be the same way when I did a considerable amount of running! I just did her summerfictation plan, and right now she had a workout calendar on her website, but she’s working on a lifting program for the fall!

    1. That’s a good way to do it! I see the positives in both. I enjoy doing what I “feel” and often like making up circuits but sometimes enjoy not having to put the thought into it!

    1. Yeah, it’s been fun! I did Kayla Itsines program a while back which, was AWESOME and a lot of high intensity but that’s how I learned I need low intensity cardio days and lifting 🙂

  3. Hope school is off to a great start! I never really used blackboard, so I think I would be totally lost with it now. I like a mix of cardio, strength and yoga. I find that if I skip one for a while I really start to miss it, I like to think it’s my body telling me what it needs.

    1. Thanks Emily!! It is! We had blackboard in undergrad, but I didn’t remember having to do so much on discussion board as I do now, and I pretty much forgot everything! Haha. Same! I find when I got completely into lifting I really miss cardio. Yoga is one of those things I know my body would benefit from but I have a hard time doing it!

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