Friday Faves and a Blog Update

Friday Faves and a Blog Update

Happy Friday, everyone! Sadly, this is my first of three. But after all those days off, I can’t complain!


As far as the blog update, I’ve been going pretty steady with posting M/W/F. I’m not posting for a huge crowd, by any means ;). But I figured I should say on here that I will be adapting my new posting schedule with school starting on Monday, anywhere from 1-2 posts a week. Maybe 3 if I’m feelin’ it ;). As of right now. I’m thinking of posting on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. This may change. Maybe just post on Mondays or just on Fridays? I’ll have to see what works and how I can balance it with work and school. But I’m enjoying it so I have no intention of stopping :D.

As per usual, some of my favorite things this week! Please play along in the comments and let me know yours 🙂



I’m listing this now so that in 3 weeks when I’m dying, I can go back and remember being happy about it. HAH. But really, I start school on Monday and I’m excited! My courses opened up in Blackboard this past Monday and I geeked out and printed everything and put them in their respective binders. I weirdly like that beginning organizational stuff and having all my deadlines written out.


By the time this is posted, my extended weekend will be over and I will be working the weekend (whoo hoo…). BUT it was definitely one of my favorite things this week! Every so often scheduling yourself 6 days off with a planned trip? The best. Read more about my trip to Charlottesville, VA here.



You guys, My 2nd laptop of my undergraduate career just flat out died a painful death MARCH of my senior year in college. Okay, that was a tad dramatic, because my dad was able to repurpose it and usues it as a second monitor in his office but REGARDLESS it was out of commission during that time, which, as most of you probably know, is a super inconvenient time for your lap top to stop working. Long, unnecessary story gone short, I had to buy a laptop with 2 months of school left so I bought the dinkiest little thing. And I decided that if I’m going to grad school, I should probably have a halfway decent computer. Sooooo I bought my new MacBook Air! Woot! I’m all about it helping me obtain my degree but I don’t hate that it will benefit me in the blogging world too ;).


Not mine. HAH. But my friend is due ANY DAY now and I just cannot wait.



I had SO much fun hiking Sunday. I’m trying to keep this habit up 🙂

On the web:

My Favorite Mindful Movement blog post by Robyn Coale. (Aka The Real Life RD). Can you tell she’s one of my favorite bloggers?!

These Oatmeal Raisin Energy Bites I recently discovered Patricia’s blog. She’s wonderful! And these are too good!

What are you loving this Friday?

Any nursing students out there? Anyone else in school? If so, what for?

What are your plans for the weekend?

10 thoughts on “Friday Faves and a Blog Update

  1. I graduated college this past May and it feels weird to not be getting ready for back to school. Although I know come finals time in December, I won’t be missing school at all. What are you going to grad school for? I’m currently loving the cooler weather that New Jersey is having! The highs are in the 70s and it’s been great to not leave work and sweat to death in the car.

    Have a great weekend Amanda 🙂

    1. That is such a weird feeling!! It’s going to feel good not to have that school work over your head all the time! I’m going to school to be a family nurse practioner. Sounds like beautiful weather! Pretty similar here in MD 🙂

  2. YOUR HIKING VIEW! So beautiful I can’t get over it.

    Also, as a teacher, I just have to say that your excitement for school makes me so happy. I love people who are excited to learn and grow. I’m right there with you with figuring out a new blogging schedule. I’m going to stick to two days and see how it goes, but I’m not sure which ones yet!

    1. Sooooo pretty right?! God is good.

      Yeah, it’s going to be a really long process, so I’m sure my excitement may dwindle, but right now I’m ready! Same!! It’s going to take some trial and error and grace for sure!

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