Workout Wednesday!

Workout Wednesday!

Happy hump day!!

Today is my first day back at work after a string of days off. Should be interesting…

I wanted to bring back a workout Wednesday post today. I’m finishing up Lauren Gleisberg’s summer plan this Friday, and want to at least have a week where I just do whatever I want! She put a schedule together to finish the month out and into September, so I may do that, but I haven’t decided! If your interested, her schedule is here. I’m actually a week behind due to my mission trip, so this plan has already started! I like to take at least a week and see what my body and mind wants. Sometimes taking this week in between plans either inspires me to do my own thing, write my own plan, or try something new! I think doing this can help fight plateaus as well. Chances are, if you’re starting to get bored with something, your body is too. I’m not bored with weightlifting or Lauren Gleisberg’s plan, but I like to shake things up to prevent that boredom! Just keeping things interesting 😉

So I wanted to create a bodyweight HIIT workout that would be easy to do before work, when I’m short on time, or when I’m traveling, because it seems as though I’m doing a lot of that lately…



I’ve done a few ladder workouts before, and they are some of the most deceiving, evil things ever. But also rewarding 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a personal trainer. This is just a workout I’ve done and enjoyed, and I encourage you to seek a medical professional (your MD) before beginning this or any exercise regimen.

For this workout, you will start with a round of 10 reps. Then do 9. Then do 8. So example:

ROUND 1: 10 Burpees/ 10 Jump Squats/ 10 High Knees/ 10 Push Ups

ROUND 2: 9 Burpees/ 9 Jump Squats/ 9 High Knees/ 9 Push Ups

ROUND 3: 8 Burpees/ 8 Jump Squats/ 8 High Knees/ 8 Push Ups

You keep doing that until you get down to 1 rep 🙂



This is one of those you can make as intense as you want it to be. Rest when needed. Go back up the ladder (1 rep to 2 reps to 3 reps all the way to 10) if you want that challenge. Repeat the Ladder. Be intentional about each move and go hard.

For the High Knees you do the stated amount of reps for each side. (i.e.: 9 reps=9reps each side). 

I suggest warming up with some light cardio (walking, jumping jacks) and stretch after!  This workout will work your whole body, especially the cardiovascular system 😉

Let me know if you do it!!

Are you doing any workout plans right now? I’m always looking for new things. Send them my way!

Have you ever done a ladder workout?

Do you incorporate bodyweight training into your routine?


11 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday!

  1. I love ladder workouts! I usually attack them by starting with half of the reps so that I can build up and really work on keeping good form for the exercises. It’s funny you started this today because I’m starting to add in body weight exercises to my running routine. I don’t have access to a gym right now but I still want to do some sort of strength training.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. That’s such a great way to do them!!i think body weight is an awesome way to add strength. I don’t believe you need weights at all! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. This looks like an awesome workout! I love that you do fewer reps each round 🙂
    I usually start a running plan once I sign up for a race (I’m still debating a half marathon at some point) but that’s about it!
    Have a great day!

    1. That’s a good motivator, right?! That’s exciting! A half is on my list of things to do but I keep brushing it off! Haha

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