Friday Rambles

Friday Rambles

It’s Friday, and my work week was an insane Monday-Wednesday. And despite all my random drafts, I didn’t have it in me to post Wednesday. So today, you’re getting my random thoughts…

1. Comcast. I’m sure I’ll be the 5829582092849294893284759283758th complaint on the internet but WHY. Just why. I’ve been paying $70/month for like 3 channels and internet that doesn’t work. I went to be there for an appointment at my new place in the city for set up and the guy never came. After getting a text over an hour before saying he would be there early and then calling saying he was close. I had the earliest appointment of the day so how they were running SO late on the day I needed to pack and travel is beyond me…

2. Outside of THAT negativity, I’m super excited to be traveling to the cute little town of Charlottesville, VA this weekend! Since it’s Friday, I’m actually here already. This town is so lively and quaint.  I love coming here even if it’s just to bring my sister to school. Definitely praying for some peace here, though…

Downtown mall, Charlottsille, VA


3. I’m almost done with Lauren Gleisberg’s summerfictation program and deciding whether I should continue and do her lifting program for September or do my own thing for a bit. I imagine in the city I’ll be working out in my apartment more on days I work so I’m not strolling through the city at 5 am….so I may need to make a few adjustments. We’ll see! Are you doing a workout program? If so, what? 

4. I keep thinking how life has been kind of nuts lately and I’ve been driving all over creation and that it’s going to slow down but in all actuality the next month is an insane blurr of moving and working and starting school so yay for that. Some seasons are busy.  That’s okay.

5. You can’t stop on 4, right? No, because that would drive me up the wall. I’m sitting in the new condo now (my future roommate already lives here) and loving all the brick in the city. It’s so pretty. That’s my one thought of positivity as I sit here and wait for the cable man. (Who, as I update this post hours later, clearly never came…).

6. Just kidding, I’m gonna fight my OCD because I thought of another random thing as I typed #5 (this is really helping distract my annoyance for the Comcast guy…). I’m not excited for summer to end at ALL. But I’m stoked for some fall hiking. Maryland has some pretty hiking spots closer to Virginia and they sound like perfect study breaks :).

That’s all!

Any random thoughts?

What are you doing this weekend? 

Are you excited for Fall? 

5 thoughts on “Friday Rambles

    1. I’m so excited to hike when it’s not 500 degrees and 80% humidity! Yeah, I probably complained too much but the guy never came so I was pretty annoyed! Hope you have a good weekend too!!

  1. I’m excited for fall so that I can go outside without dying in the heat lol but I do like the warm weather so I’m torn. How annoying the cable guy never came! And you were the first appointment too which is so bizarre.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Hahah, I love summer but if I wasn’t near my pool and the ocean I’d cry lol fall definitely has its perks! I know!! I used the post for venting maybe a little over board! Haha. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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