Friday Faves 

Friday Faves 

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Hello hello! Happy Friday, everyone!

This week has been really nice. Weeks after I work the weekend always feel so good.  I usually only work one or two days after that with a day or two off in between, and then I’m off the following weekend. So it’s super nice. And I can’t beat the beautiful weather I’ve had on my days off. Monday it actually rained which was nice because I kind of wanted to lay around and not move. Wednesday and Thursday were GORGEOUS. Guys I ran on Wednesday morning and it was 58 degrees. What. And 80 during the day which was perfect for the pool. I don’t hate those days. But I’m also not rushing all the pumpkin things and fall. Chill out peeps. Summer is bomb.

Anyway, onto some of my favorite things this week! Join along in the comments!

Friday Faves:

  1. McCafe coffee: Would you ever guess? I URGE you to try this out. I’m sorry I doubted you, McDonalds!
  2. Pool time with a good friend! July was SO busy and SO fun. But a lot of back and forth, a lot of driving. It was nice to just be home and sit and do nothing, even if I do have a to-do list backing up…
  3. Yogurt bowls! This isn’t too new for me. I eat WAY TOO MUCH dairy. But I love yogurtttt. Especially Fage. And I’m also a creature of habit that rarely changes things up but recently I did and it was so good. This one in particular has Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, coconut shreds, and stevia. 
  4. Finding fun new city things: I recently went to a coffee gelato place in Fells Point, Baltimore and guys it was OUT of this world. If you’re local, go to Pitango! It was adorable. I neglected to take a picture of my actual gelato, but I had spicy chocolate and hazelnut! Ahhhh. Mouth. water.

    one day I’ll think to save my pics before putting them on my story…
  5. Nectar: And if you go to Delaware at all. Visit this adorable restaurant! It’s like a cafe/juice bar and their menu options are so so so good. It’s not hard to eat healthy here…
  6. My Mission Trip: Which, is obviously over, but taking time to write those posts really allowed me to reflect on them some more. And it’s definitely one of my favorite things. Read part one here and part two here
  7. Spotify! Oh man. My sister has been on me for this for about a year. She says I buy so much music I would save money if I just got Spotify. I had the conversation with a few people on my trip and so I finally caved and it has been so fun getting all the new stuff I love, finding new artists, and reliving some of my old favorites. My car rides are serious entertainment or full of worship right now. You go, Spotify. Love ittttt. And if you’re a student it’s super cheap!! 

Alright friends, that’s all I have for today! Happy Friday everyone!


What are some of your favorite things this week?

Do you like gelato? I normally stick with hand-dipped. But this stuff was good. 

Fun plans for the weekend?


14 thoughts on “Friday Faves 

  1. Spicy chocolate gelato sounds interesting but good! I’m right there with you for it staying summer and not rushing fall, although I won’t miss running in 90 degree heat.
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. It was actually really good! Super rich and the spice was an after taste. Haha oh man running in 90 degrees is no joke!! Happy weekend to you!

    1. Gotta get some pool time in, girl!! It’s too hot haha. Sameeee I thought all Greek yogurt was created equal and it’s definitely not.

  2. I LOVE ice cream – I will take it anyway I can get it 😉 I guess gelato isn’t really ice cream but it’s close, right?
    I need to try Fage!! Enjoy your weekend!

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