Friday Faves: Blogger Edition!

Friday Faves: Blogger Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I’m going to list some of my favorite things (on this Fridayyyy) all under one category: My favorite bloggers!

Some of these people I list were a huge inspiration to the start of my blog! I honestly feel like a huge goof every time I click post. I am proud of my posts and that I’m doing something different, but it’s hard not to think “will people even care about reading this?”. Then I’m reminded how much I LOVE reading other peoples blogs. And it’s often their day-to-day stuff that I love the most. Bringing out that natural nosy tendency 😉

This list consists of people I’ve been following for years that inspired me to blog (just through their posts). Which is crazy. I followed so many bloggers before they had children/got engaged/married/changed careers/etc. And I was honestly such a lazy commenter (And I was in college when I started reading so I was reading on my walks to class and breaks in between!) so they probably wouldn’t even know!

I should mention, these women are fairly popular in the blogging world, from what I can tell 😉 So I may not be opening any eyes…but if so, I hope you check them out!

I want to do another version of this post with the new bloggers I’ve grown to love reading ever since starting this blog!


Julie AKA Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie is a trainer,wife, and a momma. I’ve been reading her blog probably the longest, since way before she had her cutie, Chase! I love following her family adventures, her faith, and her view on fitness! She also posts great recipes and workouts!

Robyn AKA The Real Life RD

This bold soul is amazing. I was following Robyn’s blog a few years back through her adventures in Charlottsville, VA and throughout her move to NYC.  Her blog (and Clare’s below) practically made me want to move to Charlottsville, VA in a hot second (OK, I actually probably would…). She offers an online service called Nutshell (as a registered dietitian), but now being a Nurse practioner, I loved reading her journey through nursing/NP school! So much to look up to and relate to as a nurse. I’ve never had to use her actual services, but her blog posts on women’s health, hormones, body image, etc. has shaped my views dramatically on health and wellness. And all her views stem from the love of Jesus. It doesn’t get better. Check. Her. Out!!

Clare at Fitting it All In

Clare started her blog recently recovering from anorexia, tells her story of recovery, work she does with NEDA, and her brave move to leave careers and go into medicine! I love reading about her views on health/wellness and her journey through medicine! She has such a bold, but sweet voice through her writing and I love that she doesn’t hold back! She’s very transparent and shares relatable, helpful experiences of her own life.

These are just 3 of the main bloggers I’ve LOVED reading and that have stuck with me for years. They’re the people I will go back to and catch up on their posts after being without a computer for a week. I started reading blogs because I loved the health/wellness genre, and I feel like these three women talk about their passion for being “healthy” appropriately, with caution for others, and in a realistic, but responsible manner.  I think there is a LOT of junk you could be reading on health and wellness and telling you you should do this, that, or the other. I love the approach of all 3 of these women and hope you check out their blogs!

If you’re a blogger, what inspired you to blog?

What kind of blogs do you enjoy the most?


I leave tomorrow, July 22nd for a mission trip with my home Delaware church. I will be without social media/phone/computer for major parts of the week, so the I’ll be absent for the next week or so! See you on the other side! Have a great weekend!

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