Three non fitness health habits that have helped me, and one I want to work on.

Three non fitness health habits that have helped me, and one I want to work on.

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I’m getting any last minute things together to be completely packed, car loaded for the mission trip I’m leaving for Saturday! I work all day the next two days so today’s the day! 

Today instead of workout Wednesday I wanted to talk about 3 non-fitness thins that have contributed to my health and wellbeing! I think often we get so tied up in the eat your greens/run/lift weights part that we forget the other parts of health…
Three non-fitness habits:

  1. Scheduled Reading Time: Aka, electronics OFF and book in hand. This time differs, doesn’t always happen, etc. etc. I’m BAD at it. But it’s the one habit I benefit from so much when implemented, mainly before work nights. My mind is go-go-go. Reading is the one thing that helps me stop thinking about work the next day, who I forgot to text, what bill I need to pay, etc. And as someone who’s not a great sleeper, this helped me a LOT.
  2. Intuitive Eating. This means something different for everyone. I’ll just say what it’s meant for me. Sometimes I’ll notice I’m craving FATS. And sometimes it’s carbs. And while I know we can ‘crave’ things due to hormones and not actually need them, I honestly think I’ve gotten to a fairly good place when I know my body just wants something. At the beach I craved fruit like CRAZY. I don’t eat a lot of fruit at all. Sometimes I go weeks not eating any. So I listened! And SOMETIMES because it’s life I think you’re totally fine to give in to a craving just because. Because sometimes it feeds the soul and mind. That ice cream cone I craved when out with friends on a hot night? Even though i had a few treats already? Sometimes that’s OK.
  3. Quiet Time: This is NOT me boasting, because I’m nowhere near perfect. But about a year or two ago I decided to get a grasp on my quiet time and be intentional about it. I used to think that you were supposed to just wake up open the bible and one of the more ‘sing-songy’ lyric-like verses would just come to me from Ephesians or Corinthians. Then I learned that quiet time isn’t really about me, but about HIM and can and often does involve discipline. So while I often feel like I go through periods of being ‘spiritually dry’, where I wake up and read the bible out of habit, I also recognize that I’m human, and that this habit, whether I’m feeling it at 4:30 in the morning or not, is from an intentional, disciplined area in my heart to get to know my savior, the creator of the universe in an intimate way. I learned this often means taking 4 months to study 1 Kings. And going REALLY slow through scripture. I learned I go through spiritual highs and spiritual lows, where for a few months I just feel so close to him, and sometimes I go a few months where I’m just going through the motions. And I’m still learning, for sure. I know that sometimes this means I’m missing something. Or doing too much (<<<this is often it). And by keeping this habit, and watching how my emotions change and how my reactions change during that quiet time, often helps pinpoint things in my life that need to go or need to change. I hope that made sense. And final disclaimer, I’m not perfect at this. I often miss it. I often sleep late (or worse, open my bible at 4:30 am before work and fall asleep DURING it–SORRY LAWD.). I often make my way through a book and think UHHHH what did I read?! But I know that each and every time I get to know Jesus BETTER. How has this changed me?
    1. I know Jesus BETTER. I feel closer to him daily. Even in the busy, crazy days. I know I can just call to him “Jesus”.
    2. I’m a happier person when I start my morning with scripture. I’m not saying every day I read scripture I frolic throughout my day. But I’m 10x more likely to have a positive attitude when I start my day at the feet of Jesus because I remember how temporary this world is, and how vital my purpose is in him. 
    3. I’m a more selfless person. If starting my day with scripture does anything, it reminds me it’s not all about me!
    4. I’m stronger. I say this to say that sometimes, you do open your bible and God just lays it OUT for you. Like you’ve hit a point of desperation or rock bottom or stubbornness and you’re just not functioning properly in other areas of your life because of it and then God reminds me that He’s got it. And then boom, I can go through my day 10 lbs lighter.

One I’d like to add? Writing down what I’m grateful for. I hear of people doing this, and it’s such a small task, but I NEVER do this. People say they reap the benefits of it. And really, I just want to do it. Maybe start small and do this once a month at the end of the month and increase from there. I know that I thank God in my prayers, but to write it down and be able to look back? I want to have that to look back on when I’m having a down week/day or whatever. I’ve heard a lot of people use bullet journals for this? any opinions?

What about you? Any non-fitness habits that have helped you?? 

What’s something you want to work on?


6 thoughts on “Three non fitness health habits that have helped me, and one I want to work on.

  1. I love this post, these are some great ideas! I really need to work on un-plugging and just letting myself enjoy life without technology sometimes! (Such a hard habit to break!)
    Something I’ve been really good at is sticking to my goal of one sweet treat a day – usually it’s a small-ish bowl of ice cream after dinner. I used to crave sugar all the time and I think putting a limit on my sugar intake has really helped me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That is SUCH a hard habit to break!! That’s a great idea! I used to go crazy on the weekends and I started doing something similar to a smaller treat throughout the week and found I’m not craving sugar (as) much as before!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I love this post! It has given me some things to think about in my own life. I definitely need to get back to carving out some quiet meditation or reflection time in my day. Recently I have been go go go all the time.

  3. I love this! Being more purposeful with my quiet time has been so important! I had to suck it up and start waking up earlier to make sure it happens. I am honestly still working on intuitive eating. I find myself thinking too much about my food choices.

    1. The quiet time has been the thing that’s helped me the most. But I know what you mean with intuitive eating, it’s not

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