A Week at the Beach

A Week at the Beach

Happy Monday, everyone!! This past week I was on vacation in Ocean View, DE (or Bethany Beach as some may know more). We stayed at a close friends house that is has grown on me so  much. I’ve gone to this house a few times since I was 13 years old and my friend Lauren, who’s family owns it, is designing the new build, as a graduate Architect student. The house has gone through significant flooding as you can imagine, being right on the bay.

I’m slightly sad and feeling nostalgic for this house, but also excited to see the outcome of my very talented friend’s hard work! This is the same friend designing my page. A woman of many talents!

As much as I’d like to stay at the beach for…well forever, I do love Mondays and a fresh start. However I say that while not having to work today 😉

I’m not going to go day by day through vacation because one, this wasn’t one of those weeks that was planned out (which was SO nice) and two, I’d say over and over again that I went to the beach. So I’ll recap in photo dump form 😉

I have to say, I’ve never been on a huge, extravagant vacation (I say that meaning out of the country or to Disney Land or whatever you may consider extravagant). But I LOVE having a week to relax in my home state. With that said, I feel pretty darn lucky to live this close to the beach 🙂

I arrived Sunday night around 1030 (after work) and from Monday-Sunday had BEAUTIFUL weather meaning I was on the beach almost every single day.

So I went to the beach several times, ate a LOT of ice cream, enjoyed some amazing, summer-like meals at home (corn on the cob, watermelon, baked potatoes) as well as ventured out to some new restaurants and some old favorites.

One day, we tried out a new bakery called “Morning Buns”.

I LOVE all that the city has to offer but there’s something so special about supporting a local business and reading their story. They opened up in January of this year in Ocean View, DE and I SO hope they do well!! The bakery was adorable, with bright colors and the people were SO cheerful.

Here are the treats my mom and I enjoyed: An almond creme croissant and a chocolate chip scone. How cute are those plates? I’m such a sucker places with cute decor.

I ate and enjoyed many “healthy” meals.


ate ice cream daily.

The oh so famous Kohr Bros’. I’m more of a hand dipped (or hard ice cream) fan, but usually don’t go a week at the beach without one Kohr’s. 🙂

We visited a local produce stand and the Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market-both of which kept us well stocked on fresh produce 🙂

We visited a local book sale (that my parents have gone to for years on end) and I picked up these gems (for $1!!!)-one of which was one my summer reading picks!

We attended an outdoor concert and saw the “Church Sisters”, which, to my surprise, was not a church group! (That’s what you thought too, right?!). Their last name was “Church” and they were so talented!

This is my good friend Alysha (from high school/church) who came down to go to the beach and the concert with me! I have that post beach, really tired look going for me 😉


We visited a new restaurant in Fenwick called “Our Harvest”. I’m no reviewer, but they totally had the fancy, barn thing going on. And when I say that I mean it was beautiful!! It was a bit of a different dining experience. You can “Feast” and share this with several people, or get a few “Smalls” or “Littles” to share as well. My mom and I went through the “Smalls” so quickly I never thought to snap a picture! And the lighting was dim…But I did catch the fancy water bottle and the chicken which was AMAZING. Oh, and Rose 😉

I couldn’t for the life of me get a good picture of us in this lighting!

Anyone else know the struggle of having to take a pic with your dog?

We had beautiful sunsets every evening…

I slept a solid 9-10 hours every night (hello, catching up from nights) and got in some good quiet mornings with the word.

and obviously coffee.

This weekend was fun, and restful. My body craved good, nutritious foods (as I do anyway, especially with all the fresh produce available!), and had no problem taking on lots of ice cream, unpictured Grottos pizza, chips, etc. I laid around a LOT, slept GREAT, got in some good workouts, some Vitamin D (and Sea 😉  ). Spent time with family, and some friends.

No complaints here 🙂



How was your weekend?

Any fun vacations?

Do you prefer soft serve or hand dipped ice cream?


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    1. I loved it!! Haha same, it does NOT get old for me. I just bought myself some halo top to wean myself from eating excessive amounts of real ice cream every day! Lol

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