Friday Favorites 

Friday Favorites 

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Keeping it short here, as I’m enjoying vacation to its full 😉
But wanted to drop by and say some of my favorite things this Friday!! And feel free to play along in the comments!!


1. The Beach

And vacation overall. And the fact that I can take a week off in my home state. I love it.

2. Morning Buns

This adorable bakery where I my post leg day workout consisted of a chocolate chip scone…

3. Ice Cream 

Not much to say there…



4. Current Workout Routine:

And to counteract all that ice cream…;)

After taking a month off of formal weight training, I’m LOVING this plan!! And the community of women taking part of it!

5.A New Read:

If you follow me on my Instagram, you know I found this book (actually, my mom did!) at a book sale for $1 and was able to start it this week!!
What are your favorite things this week?

Anyone getting beach time in?

What are you reading right now? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 

  1. Favorite things this week:
    New Bethel Instrumental album!!
    – An after work hike I took on Thursday to one of my favorite new spots!

    Reading :
    Judah smith – how’s your soul
    Louie Giglio – Goliath must fall
    And 2nd Corinthians ( also, love when people post themselves reading the Word, especially on vacation! 🙌🏻) have a great weekend

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