Tips for working out in the AM

Tips for working out in the AM

I think when it comes to working out, you have to find what works best FOR YOU. There’s tons of research out there about working out in the morning versus the night. But at the end of the day, does any of that even matter?

I HATE working out at night. Sometimes on a lazy day I’ll work out in the afternoon. But 99% of the time I’m an AM workout girl. Mainly because I’m a already a huge morning person.

Whether you are or not, sometimes working out in the morning may just work best for your schedule! Honestly, I just know that physically I am not feeling pushing myself at the end of the day, and I love the way I feel all day after working out in the morning! So I thought I’d share tips to make working out in the AM a bit easier 🙂

  1. Sleep in your gym clothes. Or, if you can’t stand that, set them out. We’ve all heard this. Every extra minute that it takes to get ready at O’ dark-thirty makes it harder and harder to get to the gym. The key is starting before you’re totally awake 😉
  2. Prep the caffeine. If you need coffee, have it prepped the night before. I used to be able to roll out of bed and workout. And occasionally I still do. But I’m SO much better after at least half a cup of coffee. Oh the difference between being 22 and 26 ;). (I’ll get comments for this I’m sure…)
  3. Don’t forget the water! Have your water bottle filled and in the fridge! It’s hard to be hydrated that early, so have water out and ready to be sippin’ while you get ready to head out!
  4. Have a plan: If you have to THINK about what you’re doing for your workout, that adds time in the morning, which means you’re less likely to go and for me, if I’m working out in the AM I don’t have extra time to be thinking about what I’m going to do.
  5. Home workouts: And with #3, maybe have some at home workouts handy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to go to the gym before work. I used to do it but I won’t lie, those showers just…yeah, ick. Also driving is time. Keep it simple! I just bought 2, 15 lb dumbells from walmart and they were each $10! I know this will save me many mornings…
  6. Keep it quick! Now, if I’m working out in the AM on a day off, I’ll do whatever I want. But If I’m working out before a 12 hour shift? I pick the shortest workout. And never do a leg day before work…
  7. Sleep: This is a no brainer, but we’re all so bad at it! Myself included! Getting to bed on time is obsviously huge to having sufficient energy to workout before the sun is up. For the iPhone users, there’s a special “bedtime” alarm now!
  8. The reward system: Have a good breakfast waiting for you. Because what’s more motivating than coming home to food? And more coffee.

    Yikes. I mixed protein powder in (hence the little dots), so this morning of oats looks extra ick. But SO good. I promise.

Do you like to workout in the morning?

What kind of workouts do you prefer before work? 

4 thoughts on “Tips for working out in the AM

  1. I do like working out in the morning about an hour after I wake up though which makes it hard with little man. I honestly love a 3 p.m. workout the best.

    1. I imagine you really have to work it in when you have some alone time!! I think everyone has that sweet hour! Mine used to be the second I rolled out of bed and now I like about 30m-1 hour to take in some coffee 😉

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