A Baby Sprinkle Weekend

A Baby Sprinkle Weekend

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! 

If you read this in the morning, I REALLY hope I’m sleeping. Or on the beach. I’ve had the most awful week of sleep but I guarentee you today, being the first day I’m able to sleep in I’ll probably wake up at 6 am. I’m not one to sleep late (morning person over here), but after a crazy week of nights and days ya gotta let it happen! 

This weekend I was just off Saturday and was able to go to a baby sprinkle for one of my best friends. 

It seemed not long ago we had one for this cutie 

Alyssa this WAS cute! LOL

We tried this again at baby shower #2 and realized it’s 10x more awkward when people are staring at you! (Lol). Duke was so little here (the cute pup in the pic).
The decorations were amazing because Katie’s MIL is one talented lady! I just do not have this gene. I can Pinterest my little heart out and that’s about it. 

The games were so cute and fun! 

Guess how many cotton balls in the jar and there were scratch offs with prizes! The theme was lambs if you can’t tell ๐Ÿ˜‰

The food was amazing…

If you’re not local, have you had pretzel salad???

How cute are these? We also had funfetti cupcakes, dipped vanilla Oreos with blue sprinkles, and that amazing maple walnut cracker dessert that I’m sure has a better name than that…

The decorations were beautiful, the food was amazing, the company was the best ๐Ÿ™‚

This was the shower “photo booth”! I’m missing some pictures of the props we used (mustaches, glasses).
Can’t wait to meet this sweet babe! 

How was your weekend?

Any baby sprinkles/showers coming up? 

6 thoughts on “A Baby Sprinkle Weekend

    1. Haha I asked because when I was in college I found out pretzel salad isn’t a thing everywhere!! It’s seriously amazing and SO easy to make! You’ll have to try it!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Cute, cute CUTE!! Love babies, love showers, love love. Two of my really good friends are pregnant right now! We have already had the shower for one, but the other is coming up. Thanks for the good ideas and the food looked delicious!

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