Friday Rambles…

Friday Rambles…

Thinking out loud…..Friday? I love the “Thinking Out Loud” link ups on Running with Spoons blog, and want to link up but I currently can only post m/w/f and it would totally be against my OCD to post randomly on Thursdays! LOL. But really…..

So, at this point it is Friday and all I can seem to muster up are some random here we go:

1. When you’re a new blogger and you’ve had a running draft of scribbles/rambles and post ideas and then you accidentally click DISCARD DRAFT. Ugh. Alright, done pouting.

2. Does anyone know how the fridge gets so gross?!?! Seriously though…I never recall spilling food and every time I clean the inside I’m like WHAT ON EARTH. However it is REALLY satisfying once it’s done. Or is that just me…I’m trying to get better at the picture taking thing and documenting, but yeah, I’ll hold off on this one 😉

3. Have you tried the Flat White?! It’s seriously my new favorite coffee drink. AND I just discovered they make it iced. I love regular coffee with some half and half (as long as it’s good, fresh, STRONG coffee).  But sometimes in the afternoon I like a specialty drink and although I’ve always ordered lattes, they were always a tad too milky in my opinion? With a flat white you can TASTE the espresso. It’s so so so good. Just don’t ask for them at the grocery store Starbucks…personal suggestion.

4. I made a job change to pediatric nursing in the fall from adult nursing and guys…my HEART. Don’t get me wrong, nursing is hard and it’s not all rainbows and butterflies in pediatric nursing either. It still gets gross (but not AS gross…lol), it still gets busy. But these babies make my heart explode sometimes. And watching kids overcome trials I’ll probably never have to face and be discharged healthier and stronger?! I’m just basking in appreciation of what I’m learning and being allowed to experience right now!

5. And speaking of nursing….DAY. SHIFT.  I’m just counting my blessings to be on day shift this week and feel like a normal human! I enjoy waking up with the SUN.

6. Running is coming back. I used to be an avid runner, and gave it up for health reasons….and fell in love with strength and hiit during that time! However this weather has me wanting to run again! I’ve been running 1-2 x a week (3-5 miles). Loving and hating it. 3 miles has never made me want to crawl in a hole and die before. Amazing how your body changes! But also loving not caring at. all. how fast I’m going. I posted this picture on my instagram account using one of those little apps that allows you to pick the exercise you did and it writes it out over your picture. So I picked “Running” over the picture I took on my run. But if “trotting” was an option, that may have been a more accurate title! LOL. #runslowliketurtle. No shame in my running game. It’s mind clearing for me and a good form of LISS!

Alright, that’s it for my rambles. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Follow along with me if I actually remember to post on my my instagram!

Tell me:

-Any plans for the weekend?

How do you drink your coffee? Do you drink coffee?

-Any running on the agenda?


4 thoughts on “Friday Rambles…

  1. I love all the coffee! Hot with almond milk is my normal or through an IV whichever is fine.

    I also feel you on the fridge! A dirty fridge is just gross!

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