A weekend in pictures…

A weekend in pictures…

Swinging around on some different gym equipment 😉

Coffee, blog business ;), and shopping with this friend who was in town from Texas! 

Seeing two friends/old co-workers before they head out to learn awesome things at NTI (National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition-aka an awesome conference for critical care nurses!) So wish I was with them! 

Pedicures with mom and sister (Mother’s Day gift…). I’ll spare you the picture of my feet…anyone have a more impressive vein in their head? 😂

Taco salads. Because, ya know, tacos.

And la croix 😍

Celebrating a dear friends graduation! 

Receiving all the puppy kisses. 

Celebrating my brother’s birthday! 

Sunday went unpictured. It included a short workout, church with family which was followed by our church’s first service trip meeting! This summer I will be going with my home Delaware church on a service trip (similar to mission trip) to Georgia! We are prepping now through prayer and it was fun to see the faces of all who would be going! Those of you who know me know I’ve been on several mission/service trips, each special in its own way. God never fails to show his presence and love and I’m so excited for this trip! Definitely stay tuned for updates and a recap on this! We ended Sunday with a church dinner and I drove back to Maryland to work today.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend full of fun things to do or just plain relaxing!

Happy happy Monday!

Xoxo Amanda

Tell me in the comments:

-A good treat you had this weekend…

-Something you’re excited for this summer…

4 thoughts on “A weekend in pictures…

  1. -A good treat you had this weekend…I was great having 5 of our 6 family members together for celebration, meals, and church!

    -Something you’re excited for this summer…my daughters serving the world in the Name of Jesus!

    1. We don’t know exactly yet, but probably some house work (maybe painting or ramps…) and we’re running a vacation bible school! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

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