Workout Wednesday #2

Workout Wednesday #2

Hey everyone! Happy hump day!
I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing or not, but I’m trying it out for now! One thing I loved most about reading other blogs was learning what other people did in terms of exercise. I am not a personal trainer, but I love experimenting with different methods of exercise.

Some days, that means moving your friend out of her and her husband’s 4th story apartment and into the new one on the same day 😉 That was a workout!

And refuel with Starbucks (and unpictured chipoltle) of course!

Some days I would even say pushing and pulling patients is a workout! Hah! But really….

But some days…it’s leg day! I used to NEVER strength train. Like ever. I was an avid runner. If I was lucky I’d add a bicep curl in at the end of my run. But usually, just running! Now I love strength training! And my favorite day is leg day! 🙂
Some days, I structure my leg days in sets or trisets, repeated 3-4x each before moving to the next ‘set’. But it’s super beneficial to train differently here and there to keep your body guessing. One way of doing that is completing a large circuit instead of several sets.

Rest as little as needed in between moves, and take a good 1-3 m rest at the end of the circuit. By all means, rest as you NEED to.
Circuits like this are obviously great to build muscle but also keeps your heart rate up, which helps burn fat!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a personal trainer. This is just a workout I’ve done and enjoyed, and I encourage you to seek a medical professional (your MD) before beginning this or any exercise regimen.


Curtsy Lunge

Goblet Squat

Step Ups

Dumbell Romanian Deadlift

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls


Let me know if you do you this in the comments!

What is your favorite way to train? Cardio? Strength? Nothing?

If you enjoy strength training, what do you enjoy training the most?

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