A salad for your Memorial Day!

  Hello, hello! So, I’ve said plenty of times that I am NOT a foodie blog. Simply because it’s not my talent! Maybe I could get good at this? I’m just kind of at a season in my life where I’m reallyyyy lazy about food. I fill my time up with 5 zillion other things and … [Read more…]


This post was inspired by reading Robyn, aka The Real Life RD‘s post on Getting Better at Rest. Highly, highly suggest her blog. She is awesome. In her post, she talks about her personal desire to get better at resting and what things are restful to her. I loved that, because one verse I think I’ve practically … [Read more…]

Workout Wednesday: The Underrated Exercise

Ok, so maybe in my world this seems underrated. These days, its all about the high intensity, all out, kill yourself workouts. Right? And guess what, I LOVE those. I’m enjoying weightlifting right now, but I always notice after a few weeks of weight lifting (which I usually seem to crave when my body is … [Read more…]

A weekend in pictures…

Swinging around on some different gym equipment 😉 Coffee, blog business ;), and shopping with this friend who was in town from Texas!  Seeing two friends/old co-workers before they head out to learn awesome things at NTI (National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition-aka an awesome conference for critical care nurses!) So wish I was … [Read more…]

Being Remolded…

This post was inspired by my church service last Sunday. I’ve wanted to blog for years…but the recent ‘push’ to finally do it came from writing the “Verse of the week” emails for my small group. Not from someone’s really cool fitness instagram pic. Not from a blog post. From writing about scripture. Because I … [Read more…]

Weekends are for…

  -Slow Saturday mornings…. -Endless cups of coffee…from your parents really awesome ninja coffee maker. -Trips to local coffee shops er Starbucks with your sister… because your hometown has ONE local coffee shop and you really wanted an iced flat white. #Priorities -And really what’s a weekend without Target?! Leave it to Target to make … [Read more…]

Workout Wednesday #2

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing or not, but I’m trying it out for now! One thing I loved most about reading other blogs was learning what other people did in terms of exercise. I am not a personal trainer, but I love experimenting with different … [Read more…]